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Easily opened and closed. Folding Garages are also known as Portable Garages or Perambulator Garages.

Car Folding Garage.

A Cover Systems Folding Garage consists of a folding galvanised metal framework (in the style of an old fashioned perambulator hood) covered with a strong fabric cover which attaches to this framework.

Manufactured in two sizes, for cars up to:
14' (4270mm) long
16' (4880mm) long

A Folding Garage makes a great semi permanent storage facility when a brick built structure is not available.

Car Folding Garage.

Sizing Information

The smaller of our 2 car size folding garages is for cars up to 14' (4570mm) long. This has a frame footprint of 6'8" (2030mm) x 15'2" (4620mm), requiring a ground space of 7' (2130mm) x 16' (4880mm). The additional length is needed to allow the frame to lie flat when fully open (see the left photo above).

The larger of our 2 car size folding garages is for cars up to 16' (4880mm) long. This has a frame footprint of 7'2" (2180mm) x 18'1" (5510mm), requiring a ground space of 7'8" (2340mm) x 19' (5790mm). The additional length is needed to allow frame to lie flat when fully open (see the left photo above).

Our Car Folding Garage range is usually supplied from stock held in our own warehouse and is usually despatched within 4 working days.

Car Folding Garage.

The prices quoted on our website include VAT and free UK mainland delivery. Delivery of some heavy or bulky items to NI, Islands and other remote parts of the UK may incur extra delivery charges.

Car Folding Garage in the snow.

Technical Information


The framework of the folding garages is constructed from mild steel which has been totally galvanised.

The tubular part of the frame is constructed with 3/4" square mild steel tube 1/16" thick. Square tube provides a more rigid structure than round tube. The hinge assembly is made with 1/8" thick steel plate.


The covering is a breathable polyester, 250D high strength, woven textile, with a pleasing green colour. Breathability is ensured by an, approximately, 2" gap all round between the hem of the cover and the frame. This gap promotes a good draft at ground level, ensuring the Folding Garage can deal with high humidity weather conditions.

Car Folding Garage Detail.

Optional Extras

Ground fixing.

If you are using your folding garage on a concrete base we can supply you with ground fixing bolts to hold the frame firmly down.

If your folding garage is on grass we can supply you with wheel plates to hold the frame down, these are also an alternative fixing method for concrete bases. The plates hold the garage in place with the weight of the car.

The wheel plates are made from heavy duty galvanised steel construction.
Car Folding Garage Detail.

Option 1: Security Clamp. Powerful theft deterrent. Prevents prying eyes. Heavy duty galvanised steel construction. Secure with padlock. Held in place with ground fixing bolts.

Option 2: Extra wheel plate. When you are unable to fix a security clamp in place using ground fixing bolts an extra wheel plate can be used to hold down the opening end of the Folding Garage. You need to supply your own weight (a bucket filled with cement is ideal).

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